Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Creating Bootable flash drive for Ubuntu

When hard disk of my system crashed i faced a lots of problem searching for some thing that will get my system running until i get the new one. So i thought of several things but one thing that suited me the best was having a boot-able flash drive for Ubuntu. That's easy to make and you can run live Ubuntu very easily.
Just you need to have items mentioned in the check list
Check List:-
1. Flash Drive (Minimum 1 GB) but recommended from my side is 2 GB (Note : Format the flash drive ).
2. An internet connection with reasonable speed.

Just follow the below mentioned steps
1. Download Universal USB installer from Here.

Select the circled link.
2. Insert your Flash drive in the USB port.
3. Download latest Ubuntu from Here

Download Ubuntu from highlighted option.
4. run the Downloaded Universal USB installer as Administrator. And Click On I Agree when asked about Licensed Agreement.
5. You will see the following screen. Do as directed in the image.

6. When you select your flash drive you will see Persistence level bar below the combo box where you selected drive. Just set some persistence level so that changes you made when you are running live Ubuntu can be stored. You will also get a check box asking you want top format the drive just beside the combo box. Don't check that as our drive is already formatted.
7. Than just click on create and click on yes when it ask for yes or no.
8. wait for around about 10 minutes. Your Flash Drive is ready.

Restart the system And in Your BIOS setting make USB as the top Boot priority.

Now when you exit the BIOS setting you can Either Install Ubuntu From USB for you can run Live Ubuntu also.

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