Monday, November 28, 2011

How to make VLC video as desktop background

Hi guys today i was searching for how to make a VLC video as your desktop background. Its very easy just few simple steps and your are done.

Note: - If you are using windows 7. And you wallpaper changes after a certain period of time just disable it so as  to run the video as your wallpaper.

Now the process of making the video as wallpaper is
1. Open VLC media player. And press Ctrl + P. It will open preferences.

2. Go to Video tab in the preferences. And there change the setting of output from DEFAULT to DirectX video output.As shown in fig.

3. Now restart your VLC and right click on the VLC screen go into video menu and click on DirectX Wallpaper. Your video is now running as your desktop background . Enjoy.

One more thing i forgot to tell. Whenever you want to remove the video from your background just refresh your screen and you are done.                                                                                     

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