Monday, November 14, 2011

How to make a bootable pen drive for windows 7 or windows 8

You dont require any extra toll no need to download anything you just need to have command prompt and windows cd/dvd
Now perform the following steps to reach the goal
1. Insert your pen drive and start command prompt.
2. On command prompt type DISKPART
3. Then you will get diskpart command prompt isntead of the users one. Type there LIST DISK.
4. Next step is you need to type SELECT DISK # (here # is the number of disk given to ur flash drive from list disk).
5. now type CLEAN on the prompt.
8. FORMAT FS = NTFS it will take some time.
9.  Type ASSIGN to assign a drive to the disk.
10. EXIT to exit from diskpart prompt.

The on normal prompt go to the BOOT folder inside ur cd/dvd using prompt.

then type  BOOTSECT /NT60 E: here E: is the drive assign to ur flash drive.

Now just copy whole content of your disk to the flash drive.

And reboot the system and make the boot priority of USB drive as top most.

And enjoy you can install windows using Flash drive now.

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